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About our Champion® products

How our Champion® products are created

The brand Champion® supports small businesses by providing its authorized retail partners several types of basic Champion® apparel items, that serve us as blank canvases for customization with our custom designs. This product is created on demand in partnership with an authorized Champion® retail partner.

Champion® History

The signature red, white, and blue “C” is a symbol of quality and authenticity. It’s the symbol of Champion—a clothing company with more than a 100 years of history.

The Champion brand’s captivating past reveals a story of innovation, quality, and reliability. The brand’s innovations (such as the hoodie!) have become so mainstream, hardly anyone questions their origins. 

Over the last century, Champion experienced its heyday and downfall, but as the saying goes—it’s a marathon, not a sprint. In the last decade, Champion made an unexpected comeback, stepping into the spotlight once again.

Legal Disclaimer

Any additional graphics, phrases, slogans, or designs on the apparel are created by us, not Champion. Champion is not responsible for, and shall not be held liable for, any claims including intellectual property claims, related to such graphics, phrases, slogans, or designs. All branded products (such as adidas®, Columbia®, or Champion®) available in our product catalog are authentic and have been purchased from authorized suppliers. They are available for us to customize and sell, provided that we follow the respective brand’s design guidelines.