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Food Package for Ukrainians in host families

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About Food Packages

Charity Food Рackages:

From family to family. We are grateful to all Luxembourg families who host and support Ukrainians at their own expense.


Over 5000 Ukrainians have arrived and settled in our country. Food is expensive in Luxembourg so on top of the state aid they absolutely need additional support.


LUkraine asbl organizes food packages for distribution directly to the Ukrainians in host families through the communes. We make sure food is delivered quickly and directly to the people in need. Each food package costs 35 euros. Every help counts and even 1 package makes a difference!

How to donate a Food Package to Ukrainians in a host family:

You can checkout via this website page or you can use the QR code below (Luxembourg only), to donate to LUkraine directly for the Food Packages, so that no payment provider fees will have to be paid (2%) and the full amount will be received. Please follow 3 steps to help:
1) Scan the QR code in your Paconiq App (Luxembourg only) and follow the link
2) Enter the donation amount
3) Complete your donation

Aditionally, you can add a donation amount of your choice at the donation page to support our charity projects.

Thank You for standing with Ukraine!

Disclaimer: By purchasing such a food package for Ukrainians in a host family in Luxembourg, you will not receive any physical product. The food packages will be distributed by Lukraine directly to Ukrainians in host families with the help of the communes.